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Our Mission

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Our mission is to provide sisterhood, leadership, Asian/Asian-American awareness, and scholarship among women at Texas Christian University and its neighboring communities; to provide support to everyone when in need; to provide success and lifelong friendships; and to encourage empowerment through education. Our underlying loyalty to one another marks the beginning of a proud tradition.


When looking among various ethnic sororities upon Texas Christian University's campus, the absence of an Asian/Asian-American interest sorority was obvious.  The founding mothers recognized the need for a unified and open community at Texas Christian University concerned with Asian/Asian-American issues. On September 19, 2005, KAPPA LAMBDA DELTA was established at Texas Christian University. The seven founders were:  Cleda Wang, Ambika Sharma, Jinpei Shan, Yusi Cheng, Seo Hyun (Katy) Jang, Diana Tran and Lu (Lucy) Xin.  The Alpha Class also included: Corinne Adams, Thuytrinh Tran, Anh Tran, and Linh Tran. These eleven women challenged to unite the diversity at TCU and formed out of necessity.  The sorority is open to all women, regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

The assorted sororities at Texas Christian University are divided along various ethnic and socioeconomic lines.  Despite our differences, however, all of us are faced with a similar challenge:  overcoming obstacles fixed by society based solely on race and ethnicity. Therefore, recognizing the need for a unified, open community at Texas Christian University concerned with Asian/Asian - American issues, we united the diversity of our perspectives in order to rise successfully to this challenge.

Awards and Recognitions:

• February Organization of the Month 2018

• February Diversity Program of the Month 2018

• Highest GPA Among MGC Fall 2017

• Breyer-Mills Collaboration Award 2014

• Highest GPA Among TCU Fraternities and Sororities for Spring 2013

• Highest GPA Among TCU Fraternities and Sororities for Spring 2013

• Breyer-Mills Collaboration Award 2013
• Breyer-Mills Collaboration Award 2012
• Best Collaborative Program 2009 - University Leadership Award
• Best Collaborative Program 2007 - Intercultural and Inclusiveness Services
• Best Collaborative Program 2007 - Center of Ethical Leadership and Responsible Citizenship




Kelly Green & Yellow

"Bright and serene, as shown by the Yellow and Kelly Green"




Confident, Inclusive, AND Beautiful.



Cherry Blossom

"Feminine beauty, as illustrated by the Cherry Blossom"




"Prominent as the Peacock"




"Honest and Sincere as Sapphire"



Union Gospel Mission Center

Union Gospel Mission is a united Christian organization and ministry dedicated to providing love, hope, respect and a new beginning for the homeless.

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